SAMR is pleased to announce our two new leaders, Dan Showalter, President, and Robyn Faith Walsh, Secretary-Treasurer!   Dan will be stepping into the presidency this summer, following the Malta conference, and Robyn is transitioning into her new role this spring.

Dan is professor of Religion and Classics at Carthage College, and has long contributed to SAMR with panels and papers, in addition to co-directing an excavation at a Roman theater site in eastern France and working as administrative director at Omrit in Northern Israel. He has also served on the steering committee for the Colloquium on Material Culture and Ancient Religion, as well as The archaeology of Religion in the Roman World section of SBL.

Robyn is Assistant Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of Miami (FL) and an editor and board member for the Database of Religious History (DRH) in Roman Religions and Archaeology. Her current research is on Roman authorship practices, the gospels as literature, and the influence of Romantic-era thinking on contemporary approaches to Classics and Religious Studies. Previously, she worked on material evidence for the Jewish diaspora and has published on synagogue mosaics, particularly in Elche, Spain. She is currently co-chair of the Redescribing Christian Origins group for the Society of Biblical Literature, as well as the Antiquities Interdisciplinary Research Group at the University of Miami.