God and Man in the Second Sophistic: Criticism, Innovation and Continuity

2020 Annual Meeting of the Society for Classical Studies

Washington DC   January 2-5, 2020

How did empire impact religious practices in the provinces or the imperial center? SAMR seeks papers that address conceptions of or changes in, criticisms of or disbelief in, or inventions or declines in religion and religious practice during the Second Sophistic. Seriously, was the snake a god or not?  Possible questions to be addressed include but are not limited to the following: Were oracles real? If yes, why aren’t they talking as much anymore? How were new cults invented, disseminated, and accepted? Did traditional cult still matter? Was it changed? How did people respond to the changes in the built environment that were brought about by increased integration into the Roman world?

Abstracts should be submitted by email attachment as .doc or .docx files to socamr@gmail.com and should be from 500-600 words in length for a paper to last between 15 to 20 minutes. Abstracts should contain a title and a word count, but should not have any information regarding the identity of the submitter. For further information about abstract format, please see the SCS Program Guide. The new deadline for submission of abstracts is Friday, March 8, 2019, and all abstracts for papers will be reviewed anonymously.   Please direct all queries to SAMR at socamr@gmail.com.