SCS and AIA, January 6-8, 2017

We hope to get to see many of you this week at the annual meetings of the SCS and AIA in Toronto.

The SAMR paper session, Roman Religion and Augustan Poetry (SCS session #38), will take place 10:45-12:45 on Saturday, January 7 in the Pine meeting room, on the Mezzanine level of the Sheraton Centre.

 Zsuzsa Varhelyi, Boston University, “Princeps and Poet-Priest: Horace and the Transformation of Religious Authority under Augustus.”

Barbara P. Weinlich, University of Montana, “Isis, Bacchus, and Apollo: Propertius on Religion and Power.”

Julia Hejduk, Baylor University, “SI SIC DI: The Fantastic Jupiter of the Fasti.”

Morgan Palmer, University of Mississippi, “A Blight on the Golden Age: The Robigalia in Ovid’s Fasti.”

The annual business meeting of SAMR will take place that same day 4:00-5:00, Saturday January 8, in the Peel Room at the Sheraton Centre Hotel, also on the Mezzanine level.