Religious Convergence

in the Ancient Mediterranean

Villa Whitaker, Palermo, Sicily, June 23–26, 2016

Final Program (as of June 15, 2016)


Thursday, June 23

10:30am OPENING REMARKS: Sandra Blakely

SESSION 1: LANDSCAPE. Chair: Barbara Kowalzig

10:45am Amelia Brown The Role of Mediterranean Seafarers in Cults and Sanctuaries of Aphrodite

11:10am Irene Polinskaya Password? Rituals for Trespassing on the Land of the Gods of Others

11:35am Sandra Blakely Samothracian Networks: Economic Prospects and Ritual Promises in the Hellenistic Mediterranean



SESSION 2: WESTERN SICILY. Chair: David Scahill

1:45pm Rosella Giglio Lilibeo e i suoi culti: nuovi esempi di ritualità pubblica  e privata dalla ricerca archeologica

2:10pm Birgit Öhlinger Ritual Consumption and Local Power Discourse on the Archaic Monte Iato in Western Sicily

2:35pm Meritxell Ferrer Martin Performing Local Responses through Architecture: Ritual, Power, and Community in Western Sicily (Eighth–Fifth Centuries BC)j

3:00–3:15pm break


SESSION 3: PHOENICIANS 1. Chair: Sarah Morris

3:15pm Adriano Orsingher Across Traditions and beyond Boundaries: The Masks of Carthage

3:40pm José Miguel Puebla Greek Coins, Punic People: Analysis of the

Morón Punic Coinage of Sicily from the Iconographical Aspect

4:05–4:20pm break


SESSION 4: ROME 1. Chair: Jeffrey Brodd

4:20pm Kevin Dicus Using Your Head: Local Stylistic Adaptations in Foreign Ritual

4:45pm Eric Orlin Augustus and Italian Cult Practices

5:10pm James Rives Roman Empire and Roman Emperor: Animal Sacrifice as an Instrument of Convergence





Friday, June 24

SESSION 5: ANATOLIA 1. Chair: Jared Miller

10:00am Amir Gilan Religious Convergence in Hittite Anatolia: Further Thoughts on (Some) Kizzuwatna Rituals

10:25am Susanne Görke Mythological Parts in Hittite Rituals

10:50–11:00am break

11:00am Billie Jean Collins The “Arzawa” Rituals and Religious Production in Hittite Anatolia

11:25am Elisabeth Rieken Convergence and Divergence in Hittite Prayers



SESSION 6: MAGIC. Chair: Radcliffe Edmonds III

1:30pm Christopher Faraone The Convergence of Domestic and Civic Talismans in the Ancient Greek World: Top-Down or Bottom-up?

1:55pm Lech Trzcionkowski Graffiti from Olbia: Writing Practices and the Articulation of Ritual Boundaries

2:20pm Sarah G. Titus Genetrix et mater superstitionum: The Bulla as Apotropaic Device in Etruscan Art

2:20–2:40pm coffee break


SESSION 7: ROME 2. Chair: Kevin Dicus

2:40pm Megan Nutzman Written in Stone: Jewish Identity in the Roman Epitaphs

3:05pm Claudia Moser Locating Gaul: Continuity and Change in the Architecture of Sacrificial Practices in Pre-Roman and Roman Gaul

3:30pm Marco Romeo Pitone Rituals in Late Bronze Age Southern Etruria and Their Connection with Aegean Cultures

3:55–4:15pm coffee break


SESSION 8: SICILY 1. Chair: Sebastiano Tusa

4:15pm Francesca Oliveri Venere del mare: Testimonianze del culto nell’area del trapanese

4:40pm Margaret Miles The Greek Temple in the Elymian Sanctuary at Contrada Mango, Segesta

5:05pm Giuseppina Mammina Una donna di nome Mozia: Testimonianze

and M. Pamela Toti archeologiche di Eracle/Melqart a Mozia



Saturday, June 25


10:00am Aaron Beck-Schachter The Tonaia and Samian Autochthony

10:25am Daniel Berman “Prefoundational” Myths and Preurban Ritual Space in Croton

10:55pm Louis A. Ruprecht Jr. Romantic Receptions: After Literature and Archaeology Come the Statues and Museums, or, The Aeginetan Sculptures’ Long Road to Munich

 11:20–11:40am coffee break


SESSION 10: CHRISTIANITY. Chair: Louis A. Ruprecht Jr.

11:40pm Daniel Price Finding the Egyptian Desert in the Jura Hills: The Struggle for Monastic Self-Definition in the Vita patrum Iurensium

12:05am Lindsay G. Driediger- Unnatural Gods: Converging Theologies in

Murphy the Third Century AD

12:30pm Adele Reinhartz Religious Convergence and Liturgical Performance


SESSION 11: Anatolia 2. Chair: Elisabeth Rieken

2:15pm Annick Payne Muwatalli’s Reforms: A Case of Religious Convergence?

2:40pm Carlo Corti “The King Is Dead, Long Live the King!”: The Land of Zalpuwa and the Origin of Hittite Kingship

3:05–3:15pm break

3:15pm Jared Miller Convergence and Divergence in the Hittite Mantic Corpus

3:40pm Mary R. Bachvarova From Hittite Mountain Man to Phrygian Mountain Mother: A Case Study in the Survival of “Popular” Religion across the End of the Bronze Age

4:05pm Ian Rutherford From Zalpa to Brauron? A Note on CTH 667

 4:30–4:50pm coffee break


SESSION 12: SYRIA-PALESTINE. Chair: Billie Jean Collins

4:50pm Tallay Ornan The Dynamics of Pictures in an Imperial Framework: Assyrianism and Its Reflection in the Early Israelite Religious Tradition through an Examination of Visual Records

5:15pm Virginia Herrmann The Politics of Ritual Performance at Assyrian-Period Sam’al: The Katumuwa Mortuary Stele from Zincirli in Historical and Urban Context

5:40pm Erin Darby Figurine Rituals and Religio-Economic Identity: Judean Pillar Figurines, Economic Status, and the Mediating Influence of Ritual Intervention

 8:00pm DINNER at CUCINA, Via Francesco Guardione, 88


Sunday, June 26

SESSION 13: SICILY 2 / PHOENICIANS 2. Chair: Sandra Blakely

9:00am Sebastiano Tusa Funerary Practices and Rituals in Sicily from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age (6th–2nd millennia BC)

9:25pm Sarah Morris Close Encounters in Sicily: Molech, Meilichios and Religious Convergence at Selinus

9:50–10:00am break

10:00am Lorenzo Nigro Astarte at Motye and Phoenician Religious and Cultural Interaction in the Mediterranean, 8th–5th Centuries BC

10:25am Federica Spagnoli Ritual Practices, Food Offerings and Animal Sacrifices. Considerations about Votive Deposits of the Temple of the Kothon (Motya) in Light of a Quantitative and Distributive Analysis of Finds




approx. 7:00pm Return from Mozia DROP OFF AT CONFERENCE HOTELS