Society of Biblical Literature, San Antonio, November 19-22, 2016

Teaching Ancient Mediterranean Religions

Teaching about ancient Mediterranean religions occurs in a wide variety of course settings at different colleges, universities, and seminaries. This paper session seeks to explore this variety by considering different pedagogical models, presenting innovative techniques, and sharing best practices.

The Society for Ancient Mediterranean Religions invites scholars and students of the religions of the ancient Mediterranean world, including Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and Near Eastern religions, as well as early Christianity and Judaism, to submit abstracts that address the teaching of ancient Mediterranean religions. Potential topics include, but are not limited to: categorization and organization of subject matter; effective texts and instructional materials; notable uses of new technologies; the pros and cons of engaging students at all levels in the study of theory; and the interconnection of ancient Mediterranean religions with related subjects (e.g. History, Philosophy, Hebrew Bible, Second Temple and Rabbinic Judaism, Christian origins, Late Antiquity and Islamic origins).

Proposals should be submitted electronically through the SBL website. The deadline is Tuesday, 1 March, 2016. You must be a member of the SBL or seek a waiver in order to deliver a paper. Papers should last between 15 and 20 minutes. Abstracts should contain a title and a word count, but should not have any information regarding the identity of the submitter. All abstracts will be reviewed anonymously. Please direct all queries to SAMR at