SAMR has recently learned about the Ancient Egyptian Demonology Project: Second Millennium BC, hosted by Swansea University , directed by Kasia Szpakowska, and funded by the Leverhulme Trust (2013-2016). While much attention is traditionally paid to major gods and their temples, the goal of this project is to illuminate the darker side of religion: those beings that embodied both the fears and the hopes of individuals coping with afflictions and stresses of life. The term “demon” here is a blanket term for those ghosts, guardians, monsters, and other supernatural entities (both hostile and beneficial) that hovered between the categories of god, man, and king.  This project is creating a database that initially focuses on the surviving rituals and paraphernalia from the 2nd Millennium BC.  The data base can later be augmented and expanded by other scholars, and is also an interactive portal for the public to learn about these entities.

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