Kasia Szpakowska’s would like to announce a new edited volume of 13 papers that has just been published in volume 14 of the Archiv für Religionsgeschichte. It includes a section on Evil Spirits, Monsters and Benevolent Protectors: Demonology in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. These papers stem from a workshop held in 2012 at a Conference at the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World, New York bearing the same name. The volume also includes a section on Daimones and Demons in the Wider Mediterranean World.

Kasia Szpakowska’s article “Striking Cobra Spitting Fire” appears in this volume.  In this paper, she provides a working definition and examples of “demonic paraphernalia”, as well as methods of recognition. Besides being of interest in and of themselves, these types of objects provide clues as to the nature of the demons, thus helping us in our quest for a taxonomy and “demonology” of Ancient Egypt. More specifically, this paper focuses on the use of Late Bronze Age clay cobra figurines as a case-study for the broader exploration of Ancient Egyptian “demonic paraphernalia”.