Steven Muir is happy to share news of some forthcoming publications.  Since they deal with rhetoric and other features of the Roman period, they may be of interest to SAMR members.

Steven Muir.  “Vivid imagery in Galatians 3:1 – Roman rhetoric, Street Announcing, Graffiti and Crucifixions,” in Biblical Theology Bulletin 2014 (44) 40-53.

Steven Muir.  “Medicine and Disease,” (Chapter 4), with Laurence Totelin, in A Cultural History of Women Volume 1: 500 BCE-1000 CE.  Janet Tulloch, ed.  Bloomsbury Academic, 2013, 81-104.

A variety of topics are discussed in the book’s chapters: Life Cycle, Bodies and Sexuality, Religion and Popular Beliefs, Public and Private, Education and Work, Power, Representations in Art.