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“Religious Violence” in the Ancient World
SBL Annual Meeting
San Diego, CA, Nov. 22-25 2014

Much of the recent discussion of “religious violence” in contemporary media has its  roots in the conflicts generated by the interplay of the cultural and religious traditions that claim some heritage of the ancient Mediterranean world.  This session will problematize and explore this concept by investigating the representation and reality   of how violence was sanctioned, explained or challenged based on religious notions, and in turn how religions engaged with and responded to violence in the ancient Mediterranean between the first millennium BCE and 400 CE. Topics to be considered include:

  • the religious rhetoric of violence
  • archaeological evidence of religious conflict
  • history of religious tolerance vs. religious persecution
  • the interplay of politics and religion in sanctioning violence
  • gendered aspects of religion and violence
  • the psychologies of religion and violence in this period.

Proposals should be submitted electronically through the SBL website.  The deadline is March 5, 2014.  You must be a member of the SBL or seek a waiver in order to deliver a paper.  Please direct all queries to SAMR at socamr@gmail.com.