Urban Spaces of Early Christianity:
Ephesos, Pergamon, Aphrodisias, and Cities of Southwest Asia Minor


This year’s Colloquium on Material Culture and Ancient Religion (COMCAR) will focus on urban centers in southwestern Turkey.  The colloquium begins on July 11 in İzmir and concludes on July 24 in Denizli (near Laodicea and Hierapolis).  Other sites on the itinerary include Sardis, Priene, Miletos-Didyma, Halikarnassos, Stratonikeia, Myra-Andriake, Perge, Side, and Aspendos.

Participants and organizers will visit sites with archaeological specialists and will discuss their own research projects.  The colloquium is open to faculty with continuing appointments and to advanced doctoral students with teaching appointments.

Please note that we would like to have applications (or expressions of serious interest) by 13 January 2014.

For itinerary and application information, visit the COMCAR website: