Program Schedule

Friday, March 22th 2013

2:30 p.m.:  SESSION 1: RITUAL in Palestine: Pillars, Altars, and Water

Erin Darby (Univ. of Tennessee): Judaean Pillar Figurines and the Making of Female Piety in Ancient Israelite Religion

Oded Borowski (Emory University), Seung Ho Bang (Baylor University), Yuval Goren and Kook Young Yoon (Tel Aviv University): Incense and internationalism: rectangular limestone altars from Tell Halif and their implications.

Megan S. Nutzman (University of Chicago): Writing and Lighting: Votives of Jewish Incubation at Hammat Gader

Eric Moore (Emory University): Fountains, Wells, and Pools: Mediators of Interaction and Identity


Annawies van den Hoek (Harvard University):

Divine Twins or Saintly Twins: The Dioscuri in an Early Christian Context

Saturday March 23

8:30 a.m.:  SEssion 3: Ritual at the Borders of the Greek World

Ian Rutherford (University of Reading):  Theoric Objects: Materiality and Panhellenic Religion

Alicia Dissinger (University of Virginia): The Horned God of Cyprus: Greek, Hybridic, or Cultic Creation?

Lela Urquhart (Georgia State University):  Gods, Graves and Extratextual Rituals in Colonial Sicily

10:15 a.m.:  Session 4: Objects and Ritual in the ROman World

Isabel Köster (Washington and Lee University): Interacting with Sacred Objects in Cicero’s Verrines II.4

John Bert Lott (Vassar College): No More Than One Candle, Torch, or Wreath: Private Citizens and the Commemoration of L. Caesar at Pisa

Meghan DiLuzio (Baylor University): Vestals and Simpulatrices: Women’s Use of Priestly Implements in Ancient Rome

1:00 p.m.:  SESSION 5: MAGIC

Chris Faraone (Univ. of Chicago): Magical papers: From Song and Leaf to Text and Stone: The Evolution of Ancient Greek Amulets as Permanent Objects

Jill Marshall  (Emory University): Greek Curse Tablets and “Anathema” in 1 Corinthians.

2:15 p.m.:  Session 6: Representation and Ritual

Sheramy Bundrick (University of South Florida St. Petersburg): Altars, Astragaloi, Achilles: Picturing Divination on Athenian Vases

Susan Blevins (Emory University): Sacrifice in Stone: Frieze of Sacred Implements on the Temple of Divus Vespasian and Divus Titus

Alison Hight (Emory University): Harpokrates and the Elephant: Finding the Harpokrateia in a domestic terracotta from the Michael C. Carlos Museum.

4:00 p.m.:  Session 7: Godly presence in ritual spaces

Ken Lapatin (Getty Museum): Between heaven and earth: material presence and divine statuary

Eric Varner (Emory University): Theomorphic Portraits of Nero

Paper read by Title Only:

Isha Gamlath (University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka): Kupris in De Abst.2.21: A conceptual cultic object for the recovery of a lost abstract identity