Special Issue of Archiv für ReligionsGeschichte



The 2015 issue of Archiv für ReligionsGeschichte (ARG #17) will include a set of papers with a special focus on myth.  The editor in charge of this issue, Sarah Iles Johnston, is now interested in seeing brief abstracts (no more than a single page) of potential submissions. Although papers on any aspect of the study of myth will be considered, particularly welcome are papers that present new methodologies for the study of myth.


Papers that are submitted in full for consideration (whether or not they have first been submitted as abstracts) will be due by December 31, 2013, after which they will be refereed.  Authors whose papers are accepted will have the opportunity to revise; final versions will be due in late 2014.     Contact Sarah Iles Johnston at johnston.2@osu.edu for more information.