SAMR served as one of the co-sponsors of a panel entitled “Rome and Religion: A Cross-Disciplinary Dialogue” that began at the 2008 meeting of the Society of Biblical Literature in Boston, and continued at the International SBL meeting in Rome in June 2009. This panel was also sponsored by the SBL sections on the Archaeology of Religion in the Roman World, Greco-Roman Religions, and Art and Religions of Antiquity.

Many of the papers from these panels have now been collected into a volume titled Rome and Religion, edited by Jeff Brodd and Jonathan Reed and published by the SBL in the “Writings From the Greco-Roman world” series. For your convenience,  the paper titles from the conferences are listed below.

Boston, 2008

The Cult of the Roman Emperor: Uniter or Dividerby Karl Galinsky (University of Texas at Austin)

The emperor as Christ and Christian iconography, by Robin M. Jensen (Vanderbilt University)

Imperial Cult in Roman Corinth, by Barbette Stanley Spaeth (College of William and Mary)

To Complicate Encounters, by James Constantine Hanges (Miami University of Ohio)

Normal Religion, or, Words Fail Us, by Steven J. Friesen (University of Texas at Austin)

Rome, 2009

Embedding Rome in Athens, by Nancy Evans (Wheaton College)

Augustan Religion: From Locative to Utopian, by Eric Orlin (University of Puget Sound)

Peter in Rome: Mythmaking and Memory in Late Antiquity, by Milton Moreland (Rhodes College)

Defying Religion, by Jeffrey Brodd (California State University, Sacramento)

Honoring Trajan in Pergamum: Imperial temples in the “Second City,” by Daniel N. Schowalter (Carthage College)

New Orleans, 2009

In the Shadow (or not) of the Imperial Cult: A Cooperative Agenda, by Karl Galinsky, University of Texas at Austin

Capitalizing on the Imperial Cult: Some Jewish Perspectives, by L. Michael White (University of Texas at Austin)

Roman Imperial Power: A Perspective from the New Testament, by Warren Carter (Brite Divinity School)

Harlow Gregory Snyder (Davidson College)
Nancy A. Evans (Wheaton College)